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"The Best Time Of The Day"

From: Linda Lapidus
Date: 16 May 2000
Time: 17:32:45


Originally Posted On: April 23, 2000

Every night when the sun would start to go down, my father would sit outside his bungalow and look around and smile and say "this is the best time of the day" He was right that was a peaceful time of day. Looking back on those times every moment spent there was the best time of the day. Those summer memories are permanently etched in my mind. I love the fact that some songs can bring me right back to the juke box in the concession like it was yesterday. We were so lucky to have those summers at Lapidus and to look forward every summer to spending the entire summer with over a hundred families that came to feel like one big family. Candy Cone, El Monaco, Roast pork sandwiches, fireworks on the ballfield, pinball, summer romances, life long friends. Thanks to Leon and Mary for giving us all that and more and to Henry for being Henry.

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