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Message Board Announcement (Some Info)

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 16 May 2000
Time: 18:02:23


Just have to first say what an incredible pleasure it has given me personally and I speak for my family as well, seeing names and memories come alive on this message board in the brief time it has been constructed. This is awesome!

Now a brief "technical" update:

Yesterday, for reasons that will bore you to tears so I won't get into it, the message board blew up and all posts were lost and the ability to post was removed. Fortunately my host backs up this web site once a day and the lost data was restored.

The problem has been isolated and in the process I have had to repost all previous posts manually, which is why the current date of "May 16, 200" appears next to each post below this one. In the body of each post I have indicated the original date that post first appeared.

In addition I have added a field, at the request of Linda, which allows one to input their Email address if they wish to.

For security reasons I have removed the field that automatically recorded and showed a persons IP address. For those that may not understand what that is, suffice it to say that ones IP number on the internet is comparable to your phone number. I have removed all previous recorded IP numbers and they will not appear in the future.

I have also removed the "Framed" mode this Message Board was in, as it was causing unintentional problems when one used the "return to homepage" icon.

Ok, just wanted to fill you all in. You will now be returned to your regular scheduled program.

Thanks again and please, spread the word.


Gary Lapidus

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