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Growing up with Gary

From: Glenn Dorskind
Date: 16 May 2000
Time: 19:31:31


I never physically visited Lapidus Bungalows but I spent 70% of the first 18 years of my life with Gary. We were and remain very close friends.

Gary's summers, up at the bungalows, were/are a tremendous part of his soul and psyche. You can't know Gary without knowing about his other life, his summer life. So although I never set foot on the fertile soil of the Lapidus colony, I travelled there many times. In a sense I was a cyber visitor before cyber space commercialized.

The hit I got was this - and I think this is why you all look back with such love ...

Somehow everyone was able to be very much themselves and that was not a particular problem, "We don't care what your name is boy, we'll never send you away.." People related to each other at face value and were not blinded by preconceived notions or material hungers. Excuse the cliche - but the place was very down to earth - Gucci would not have been able to open up a successful store on the premisis...

We all know you can't buy heart or soul and that's why it is so important for all of you to have the grounding memories of your childhood summers at the colony. It becomes a powerful reminder of the right path.

I loved talking to Henry and still miss him. He was a wonderful story teller and brought me to some very interesting and funny places. He often took Gary and I to dinner and to the city and even when he caught us cutting Hebrew School (actually we never went), he was always kind.

I am glad you are all coming together over this site - I think it will be a powerful tool for you and a wonderful legacy to pass on to your children.

Good luck...

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