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(Burning Chairs & Fireworks) ?

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 21 May 2000
Time: 02:57:12


Hey Mitch:

Great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words and offer of help. I may just take you up on it.

As far as the concrete on the baseball field; I haven't a clue, but it may of been inspired by the annual fires we had at the end of the summer. I recall a number of summers stacking up many wooden chairs to watch them burn and the flames and embers drift toward the millions of stars above. It sounds reckless but it was actually kind of spiritual; at least that's how my mind recalls it.

On a side note; we had a handy man at Lapidus we only knew as "RED". Red would do just about everything that needed done at the colony. Guy was a drunk but I knew him well and was one of the kindest and gentlest souls I knew as a child. Red was convinced that beer was the best choice of things to consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never really felt too bad about burning all those wooden chairs as I knew, even then, it helped to ensure continued work and therefore, job security for Red. ;=) Must of worked cause those chairs were replaced every year.

Perhaps the idea came to Leon or Mary even before that, to provide a safe spot when each fourth of July, every family that had em, would come to the ball field and light off their fireworks. I remember some incredible, and I mean incredible firework displays.



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