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Re: Can't go back-- or can you

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 24 May 2000
Time: 18:39:24


Joanne: I am so happy to see your post here. Ack, it's difficult not responding to every post but I'm trying not to spam the message board. I had to respond to yours of course.

How did I forget about those awesome roast pork on garlic bread sandwitches? I can taste em now like it was yesterday.

I have a good picture of Billy I will be uploading soon and would lOVE one of you. If you have one and any of Sue or any others you can contribute, it would be wonderful. Please let me know via email and we can work out the details. Either way, email me some time anyway so we can catch up.

GREAT to hear from you.

Love, Gary

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