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Re: Memorial Weekend

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 29 May 2000
Time: 12:56:10


The timing is really cool that these wonderful connections are happening when we would all be headed up to the colony to ready the bungalow for the summer.

This truly is making the memorial weekend a special one for me. How clearly I recall piling into the buick riviera with you, me and Janet snugly packed in the back seat. We would occasionally argue over which radio channel to have on, but there would always be at least one stop on a channel where dad would sing his heart out to Sinatra. Henry at the wheel and Norma catering to our various needs during what seemed like such a long trip at that time. The smiles that would come over our faces as we would enter the colony for the first time, watching dad open the bungalow and all of us running around to see who else was there and greeting every car that entered with great enthusiasm.

Developing this site has truly been a labor of love. I appreciate your compliments Linda, but the truth is, that it is all of these wonderful people visiting here and sharing that is making the site what it is.

Words are simply inadequate to accurately convey what the response to this site means to me. Life is full of so many twists and turns and is far too fragile. The feelings we all share are not an illusion nor rose colored by time, but quite real. For myself, this is a strong reminder that with all the suffering this world can often provide, there is so much joy we all have to be thankful for. So much love we have experienced and so much yet to come.

Have a great weekend everyone and take a moment to remember this. As the day is drawing to a close, the sun begins its journey towards the western horizon, the stillness of the day sighs in anticipation of once white clouds beginning to turn pink, that it is indeed, the best time of the day.

Peace and love,


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