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From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 01 Jun 2000
Time: 03:28:16


I opened my email tonight and was delighted to receive a letter from Fran, introducing herself to me. Fran conveyed some of her feelings for Danny, the husband, father, brother, uncle, son and how loved and admired he was by all that were fortunate to be part of his life.

This was true when we were children as well. I shared with Fran at how at the colony everyone had only warm feelings for Danny, but then again, he was part of an awesome family. Am I biased; of course, but Danny represented the huge heart that runs throughout the entire Newman family. It was a gift from your father and mother whose love obviously was deeply felt by all of you.

Having lost my dad only five years ago, I understand loss, but looking into my mothers eyes and my uncles eyes, it was clear that such an experience contained many levels of pain and grief.

I know I speak for all of us in expressing our heartfelt condolences. Leaving this much love behind means one never truly dies. Danny's spirit is very much alive and forever will be. It is carried within the hearts of all lucky enough to of known him and blessed to of been loved by him.

Eileen, many of the pictures you were generous enough to lend me will soon be uploaded to the photo gallery of this web site. They are all pretty incredible but some of them are just beyond words. It has been 28 years since some people have actually even seen a photo image of Danny and even longer of your father. I can't wait to get these photos up.

Danny; if your reading this man, look up my dad and give him a huge hug for me, ok?

Peace, Gary

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