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Yesterday and Today

From: Bill Goodman
Date: 03 Jun 2000
Time: 21:53:05


Today June 3, 2000, was great. My sister Joanne, my cousin Susie Kunis/Herfield and I walked through Lapidus Cottages. It was Shabbat and only the workers were there getting the bungalows ready for the up coming season. They were nice and let us walk through the whole colony. We entered through the parking lot by the camp house and the chills were going up and down my spine. We each pointed out our friend bungalows and nothing could compare to the feeling I got when Joanne and I walked into good old bungalow 85. Guys it look just the same as it did 30 years ago. Even the furniture and appliances were the same.

When I was a kid and I would have trouble sleeping I remember counting the tacks in the head boards. Today I re-counted the tacks and there is still 23. What memories were racing through my brains. Names, faces and all the fun times. We walked up the street passing Leon and Mary's house remembering the spider merry go round and Ellen and Lance Gruber's Dad's taxi parked in front of their bungalow.

Any of my poker playing buddies are going to love the next place we went. That's right, up to the stage which is now their Synagogue. I remember some of the all night card games on the stage and in the card room next door. Boy what great times they were. Just sitting on the stage or hanging on the chain link fence telling stories or just shooting the shit. That stage was my main hang out place.

Then I saw this 12 foot high green painted fence surrounding the pool area and as I step through the opening I almost felt like my heart stopped. It looked exactly like it did 30 plus years ago also. Even the kiddy pool looked the same. I had to pick up my cell phone and share this magic moment with my mother. I stood on the edge of the pool and I could see yesterday gone by. To all my friends from Lapidus Cottages, I wish you could have been standing on that pool ledge with me today. I suddenly remembered all those people I threw in with their cloths on and how many time we swam late at night after the Saturday night show. The rock bands every Sunday and even the time I had to be rescued by the lifeguard.

Today was a gift from GOD. I thank him for giving me one more great day at Lapidus Cottages. And to all of you my fellow Lapidus Bungalow Colony friends and families, I thank you for giving me some of the happiest times in my life.

Billy Goodman

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