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Bill & Joanne

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 04 Jun 2000
Time: 00:17:03


Bill and Joanne:

Thank you so much for sharing all that. I had chills just reading both of your accounts of the day. How I wish I could of been there with you, but your post totally made me feel like I was.

The last time I was there was around 1974; just a few years after the colony was sold. I took a ride up there with my girlfriend at the time and showed her just about every nook and cranny of the place. I even took her on the trail through the woods where the entrance was not far down from the Newmans bungalow that led to the treehouse. That treehouse was constructed by Miles and his peers of the time.

To hear that the place looks exactly the same with the exception of age of course, is incredible. I was planning on going up there in the near future, but your post made it definate that sometime this summer when I go back to New York, I will take a ride up. I will be sure to bring my cameras and take plenty of video and still photos.

Maybe when I go up I can connect with the appropriate people to obtain permission for some type of reunion on the grounds. How cool would it be for them to allow all of us to have a picnic or something on the ballfield and a runion next year?

Can you guys do something about getting Susie and everyone else your still in touch with whom we still hold in our memories to visit here. We would love to hear from them all.

Thanks again. Reading your posts was a real treat.

Love ya, Gary

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