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Re: Gary, do you remember?

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 31 Oct 2000
Time: 14:08:17


Hey Peter:

Of course I remember. wow !! Actually I remember playing the tune "Black Peter" specifically for either you or Marshall in the downstairs theatre. I was on the stage as I recall.. hehe Yes I remember the infamous break-in ;(

I'm in the Bay Area too, in Marin. We should get together for lunch or something and catch up. I'll drop you an email, or fire one off to me if you get a chance.

My life lately has been so incredibly busy. A simple thing like scanning and uploading the new pictures Rosyln was kind enough to send me a month ago is like a huge task. I miss when life was simple.

Few days ago I picked up some type of "trojan" or "virus" from going to a web site and until I'm 100% sure my PC is clean, I will not be uploading anything (should be a few weeks) to be safe. Amazing really; all I did was visit a web site and I believe what happened is a JavaScript Application combined with a Rogue HTML file and attached to my system. I'm fairly savy about this stuff and it happened to me; I can only imagine how many others have files on their PC's they are unaware of. While I'm on the subject everyone should visit:

and download its free "firewall". It is really easy to use and basically alerts you to anyone trying to break into your computer and stops them.

Rreally great to hear from you. Talk to you soon.


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