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hahaha..  well...

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 04 May 2001
Time: 00:19:21


The 21st century surely has some cool stuff to check out, but crank up "Expecting To Fly" by the Buffalo Springfield; written by Neil Young, and not being so quick to enter the 21st century begins to make some sense.

The internet is surely the most incredible tool to emerge as a global method of communication.

I remember as a child my parents telling me how the "Jet Airplane" changed the world, due to ones ability to be in another Country in a matter of hours.

With the Net, I have made friends from all over the world. Like most things in life, it is a double edged sword. One can use the net to escape human contact, or use it to increase communication.

One thing for sure; Marty is an internet newbie. Cut your bro some slack.... lol

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