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Some info....

From: Gary Lapidus
Date: 18 Jul 2001
Time: 22:47:01



There are many search engines, which for a long time that have this ability and provided it. It is incredibly invasive and I totally appreciate how you feel.

Usually this isn't an issue, since most people do not use their real names, or if they do, rarely both first and last names on "message boards". In general, most people register on various boards with nicknames and hence, there would be no way for a search engine to find you on that basis.

There are many message boards I have participated in where the subjects have varied from Music, business related sites, and even computer gaming type sites. On every board I have ever posted I do not recall ever using my complete real name, except on this one and some business forums.

There is so much which needs to be addressed on the internet and in my opinion, the only real solution is to become knowledgable and take the precautions to the extent we can. I am constantly amazed by the content in some spam email I recieve. Because the content is in HTML coding, you see the picture regardless of if one chooses to, or not.

Anyway; didn't mean to go on a rant; but as you can tell, I feel similarly to you regarding our lack of privacy on the net.

One more thing. There is something called "Cookies" which most web sites use. It is a file that is downloaded into your computer and for the most part, simply enables those web sites to provide an easier experience for the user to navigate. However; some web sites use those cookies to actually track where you have been; what web sites you have visited, and release that information to companies that target you for various solicitations. There is a setting in your web browser under "tools" in "Security" where you can choose to disable cookies, or be prompted ro allow or not. I set mine to prompt. It's a pain to constantly click NO or YES, depending on the site I am visiting, but for my own peace of mind and sense of privacy, I do it anyway.

This web site does not use cookies, active X, or any other tools which downloads anything into ones computer.

If you, or anyone would like to write me, or post with any other questions you feel I may be able to answer, please do so.



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