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Greetings from Colorado, One of the Zanes' boys.

From: Jerry Shustrin
Date: 09 Dec 2002
Time: 15:10:52


It's been two years since I heard about the web site from my cousin Andy and after speaking with Gary and Eileen on the phone, some time ago, here I am. You know, life goes on. Where do I begin? OK. I just turned fifty. Can't believe this. In fact, I'm still climbing mountains, backpacking, backcountry skiing, working out a lot of the time; basically enjoying all that Colorado has to offer. I'm, thank god, still in excellent shape, very little grey hair, though the hair is a bit shorter and a little thinner. Hey, my Dad was skin head at 21 and I still have hair! That's a miracle. The photo of me and Eileen in the photo section brings back A LOT of memories. I believe that picture was in the summer of 1974. Could be a year or two earlier. I can't remember. I wonder why? :) I was back at the lake for Andy's wedding in 1999. First time returning since leaving for Colorado and New Mexico in 1974 after graduating from Harpur College in Binghamton. Been here out west ever since. Saw Marty at my aunt's and Dad's house at the old Zanes. Yes, he did have his fly rod with him. LOL I have a company that exports fire trucks and apparatus around the world. If you e-mail me, I'll give you the URL and you could read a Denver Post article about me. I do wish that the business climate could be better but one has to hang in there when the cycles change. Was living with and married to a blond hair, blue eyed shiksa for fourteen years. That ended in divorce five plus years ago. Been dating lots of women but that special one, remains elusive. That's cool as I have great friends. My sister Norma, married Gary Goldman, formerly from the White Lake Estates' 'Foosball Mattress' band. They have two kids, boys, teenagers and they live in Ft. Lauderdale. Great family. I've had a very interesting life and it still continues. Been relearning the piano, I write quite a bit, read good books, listen to fine jazz, classical and rock, watch good movies, and most of all, play in the mountains of the west. Hope all is well with everyone. BTW, the years at White Lake, and for me, they started when I was born until I left in 1974, were the BEST times of my life. The adventures at Lapidus, the card games, the parties, everything, they are memorable. There's lots to share so we'll take it from there. Have a Happy Holiday season. Jerry

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