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Dedicated in loving memory of Herbert and Danny Newman

"And in the end, the love you take;
is equal to the love, you make".


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Danny, Herbert, Eileen & Mitchell   DanDadBoat1.jpg (96929 bytes)


Herbert, Danny & Mitchell NmnDanCycle.jpg (81253 bytes)
auditioning for "Easy Rider"


Danny, Fran & Eileen  NmnDFran.jpg (70263 bytes)


Herbert holding Mitchell (8months old)  HerbPool.jpg (50179 bytes)
in the baby pool                                


Fran & Danny Engagement Photo Copy_of_DanFran.pdd.jpg (66480 bytes)

Eileen, Danny, Mitchell, Shelley & Mindy  Copy_of_NmnKids.jpg (40471 bytes)



Martha, Eileen & Mitchell  NmnMartha.jpg (77676 bytes)


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