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A rare photo of a ticket to the ritz
Special thanks to Mitch of the famous
Sheppys/East of Vegas Site.

Ritz.jpg (106303 bytes)

Minya48.jpg (77408 bytes) Muriel Eisner, 1948

Muriel with Steven 1959 MinyaSteven59.jpg (65675 bytes)

Lapidus Day Camp 1968LDCgils68.jpg (234029 bytes)

Lapidus Day Camp 1969
Points to Robin Dubinsky (Colonoms)
Girl third from the left
   LDCdebs69.jpg (192743 bytes)

Lapidus Day Camp Sr. Girls 1971
Middle row third from the left, Roslyn Dubinsky (Lewin)
Bottom row, fourth from the left, Robin Dubinsky (Colonms)
LDCsrgirls71.jpg (244534 bytes)                


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