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Girls Group 1972 Group72.jpg (127943 bytes)
Top Row: (names on their way)
Bottom Row: (names on their way)


Staff of 1967 Group67.jpg (231767 bytes)  
Top Row: ?, Alan Rich, ?, ?, ?, Larry Rosenberg, Lawrence Rich, Uncle Ed
Bottom Row: ?, Janet Lapidus, Sharon Topper, Janet Menkes, Leslie Frank,
 Edith Drach, Kathy Deutsch

Linda and her Camp Group 1967  GroupLinda67.jpg (220919 bytes)

David Gaynes Camp Group photo 1967   GroupDavid67.jpg (204567 bytes)


The Boys, 1962  Group1962.jpg (253420 bytes)
Andy far left,  Gary to right of Sign with David just behind.
Leo Duckstein last person on right side of 1st row


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