Photo Gallery Table Of Contents:


Page 1:        Norma Lapidus and her Mom, Betty Eisner.
                  Janet Lapidus takes center stage, &
                  David Gaynes, Linda Lapidus & Jamie Bookey
Page 2:
        Norma & Henry Lapidus (9/78), Linda Lapidus (4yrs old)?
Page 3:
        Barry Zelin, Group Photo
Page 4:
        Eileen Neuman, Andy Marcus

Page 5:
        Kathy Deutch, Pat-Russell-Charles, Gary at Pool, 
Larry Bar on  Go Cart with Pat, Charles and
                 Mom Penny Arcadipane in the backround
Page 6:        Russell Friedman, Ellen Gruber and Interested Party,
                 Billy Goodman
Page 7:
        Girl Group 1972 Camp Photo
                 Staff Photo 1967, Just Go See, It's Awesome!
                 Linda and her Camp Group Photo 1967
                 David Gaynes and his Camp Group Photo 1967 
                 Gary Lapidus and his camp group photo 1962.
                 My only Pic that Includes Leo Duckstein
Page 8:        This page dedicated in Loving Memory of
                 Herbert and Danny Newman
Page 9:        Joanne Goodman, LynnAnn, Jane Gottesman, & Gary Lapidus
Page 10:       Andy Marcus, Andy Gottesman, Wayne Samson &
                 Assorted pics from the age of Aquarius
Page 11:       Ticket to Ritz, Muriel 49', with Steven 59',
                  Lapidus day camp circa 69-71 compliments of
                  Roslyn Dubinsky (Lewin)